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A fun day


today i started out with resetti

Doesnt everyone?(sorry if some of the pics r crooked

I caught my first arapaima!!!:D

I went to danny’s town stornway ^^

I met his neighbor Jay!!!^^

and benedict

then wifi crashed so i played acgc

Yay nookway tomorrow!!!

I also had some ar fun

Me and aurora r the exact same size!!!

exactly the same^^

i headed to Animal Crossing Island

I talked to my bff O’Hare

Is that nooks pic in his house???

Well now im done for the day.

600 views!!!and contest!!!!!

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Today im really happy becuz i got 600 views!!! 😀   😀 !!Now for the contest.Whoever comments the most on this post by August 8th gets a royal crown from mee!!!Comment ur info and i’ll reply mine.If u dont hav wifi the u get to be a mod on the chat!!!I’ll be on the chat alot soo get on anytime u want!!!

AR fun


A few hours ago i got bored so i had some fun with ar.Heres a pic.


I edited it with

Fun with rory


A few days ago i wified with rory.She gave me a pic and i edited it on ^^

How do u like ur mustache rory?!?! 😀

Acww fish and bug list

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Bitterling 900 River Nov-Feb (All Day)
Pale Chub 200 River All Year (Noon)
Apr-June, Sept-Oct (Noon)
Crucian Carp 120 River All Year (All Day)
Mar-May, Sept-Nov (All Day)
Dace 200 River All Year (Morn, Eve, Night)
Dec-Feb (Morn, Eve, Night)
Barbel Steed 200 River All Year (All Day)
Oct-April (Night)
Carp 300 River All Year (All Day)
Apr-May, Oct-Nov (Morn, Eve, Night)
Koi 2,000 River (Rare) All Year (Morn, Eve, Night)
Goldfish 1,300 River (Rare) All Year (All Day)
Popeyed Goldfish 1,300 River (Rare) All Year (Noon)
Killifish 300 Pond (Rare) Apr-Aug (All Day)
Crawfish 250 Pond Apr-Sept
Frog 120 Pond May-Aug (All Day)
Freshwater Goby 300 River (Rare) All Year (Morn, Eve, Night)
Loach 300 River Mar-May (All Day)
Mar-Apr (All Day)
Catfish 800 Pond May-Oct (Morn, Eve, Night)
June-Sept (Night)
Eel 2,000 River June-Sept (Morn, Eve, Night)
July-Aug (Night)
Giant Snakehead 5500 Pond July-Aug (Noon)
Bluegill 120 River All Year (Noon)
May-Nov (Noon)
Yellow Perch 240 River Oct-Mar (All Day)
Nov-Feb (Morn, Noon, Eve)
Black Bass 300 River All Year (All Day)
May-Nov (Morn, Eve, Night)
Pond Smelt 300 Pond Dec-Feb (All Day)
Sweetfish 900 River July-Sept (All Day)
July-Aug (Morn, Noon, Eve)
Cherry Salmon 1,000 River Mar-Jun, Sept-Nov (Morn, Eve)
Mar, Apr, Sept, Oct (Morn, Eve)
Char 3,800 Waterfall Mar-June, Sept-Nov (Morn, Eve)
Rainbow Trout 800 River Mar-June, Sept-Nov (Morn, Eve)
Mar, Apr, Oct (Morn, Eve)
Stringfish 15,000 River (Rare) Dec-Feb (Morn, Eve, Night)
Salmon 700 River Sept (All Day)
King Salmon 1,800 River (Rare) Sept (All Day)
Guppy 1,300 River (Rare) Apr-Nov (Noon)
Angelfish 3,000 River (Rare) May-Oct (Morn, Eve, Night)
Piranha 2,500 River (Rare) June-Sept (Noon, Night)
Arowana 10,000 River (Rare) June-Sept (Morn, Eve, Night)
Dorado 15,000 River (Rare) June-Sept (Morn, Noon, Eve)
Gar 6,000 Pond (Rare) June-Sept (Morn, Eve, Night)
Arapaima 10,000 River (Rare) July-Sept (Morn, Eve, Night)
Sea Butterfly 1,000 Ocean Dec-Feb (All Day)
Jellyfish 100 Ocean Aug (All Day)
Seahorse 1,100 Ocean Apr-Nov (All Day)
May-Sept (Noon)
Clownfish 650 Ocean Apr-Sept (All Day)
May-Aug (Noon)
Zebra Turkeyfish 400 Ocean Apr-Nov (All Day)
May-Sept (Noon)
Puffer Fish 240 Ocean July-Sept (All Day)
Aug (All Day)
Horse Mackerel 150 Ocean All Year (All Day)
Barred Knifejaw 5,000 Ocean (Rare) Mar-Nov (All Day)
Sea Bass 160 Ocean All Year (All Day)
Red Snapper 3,000 Ocean All Year (All Day)
Apr-July (All Day)
Dab 300 Ocean Oct-Apr (All Day)
Olive Flounder 800 Ocean (Rare) All Year (All Day)
Squid 400 Ocean Dec-Aug (All Day)
Feb-June (Night)
Octopus 500 Ocean Sept-Jan, Mar-July (All Day)
Oct-Dec, Apr-June (Morn, Noon, Eve)
Football Fish 2,500 Ocean (Rare) Nov-Mar (Morn, Eve, Night)
Tuna 7,000 Ocean (Rare) Nov-Mar (All Day)
Blue Marlin 10,000 Ocean (Rare) July-Sept (All Day)
Ocean Sunfish 4,000 Ocean (Rare) Apt-Sept (Morn, Noon, Eve)
Hammerhead Shark 8,000 Ocean (Rare) June-Sept (All Day)
Shark 15,000 Ocean (Rare) June-Sept (Morn, Eve, Night)
Coelacanth 15,000 Ocean – Snow/Rain (Rare) All Year (Morn, Eve, Night)


Common Butterfly 90 Near Flowers March-Sept (Morn-Noon)
Apr-June (Noon)
Yellow Butterfly 90 Near Flowers March-Sept (Morn-Noon)
Apr-June (Noon)
Tiger Butterfly 160 Near Red and Pink Flowers March-Sept (Morn-Noon)
May-June (Noon)
Peacock 230 Near Blue, Violent, and Black Flowers March-Sept (Morn-Noon)
May-June (Noon)
Monarch 140 Near Flowers Sept-Nov (Noon)
Emporer 2,500 Near Flowers (Rare) June-Sept (Noon)
Agrias Butterfly 3,000 Near Flowers (Rare) June-Sept (Night)
Birdwing 3,000 Near Flowers (Rare) June-Sept (Noon)
Moth 60 Near Outdoor Lights May-Sept (Night)
June-Aug (Night)
Oak Silk Moth 1,200 On Trees (Rare) June-Sept (Night)
Honeybee 100 Near Flowers Mar-Aug (Noon)
Mar-June (Noon)
Bee 4,500 In Trees All Year (Morn-Night)
Long Locust 200 Grass Aug-Nov (Noon)
Sept-Oct (Noon)
Migratory Locust 600 Grass Sept-Nov (Noon)
Sept-Oct (Noon)
Mantis 430 On Flowers Aug-Nov (Noon)
Sept-Nov (Noon)
Orchid Mantis 2,400 On Flowers Aug-Nov (Noon)
Sept-Nov (Noon)
Brown Cicada 200 On Trees July-Aug (Noon)
Robust Cicada 300 On Trees July-Aug (Noon)
Walker Cicada 400 On Trees (Rare) July-Aug (Noon)
Evening Cicada 550 On Trees July-Aug (Morn-Eve)
Lantern Fly 1,800 On Trees (Rare) June-Sept (Eve-Night)
Red Dragonfly 80 In the Air Sept-Oct (Eve)
Darner Dragonfly 200 In the Air June-Aug (Noon)
June (Noon)
Banded Dragonfly 4,500 In the Air (Rare) June-Sept (Eve-Night)
Ant 80 Ground All Year (Morn-Night)
Pondskater 130 Ponds (Rare) June-Sept (Noon)
Snail 250 On Flowers (Rare) Apr-Sept (All Day)
Cricket 280 Grass Sept-Nov (Eve-Night)
Sept-Oct (Eve-Night)
Bell Cricket 430 Grass Sept-Oct (Eve-Night)
Grasshopper 160 Grass July-Sept (Noon)
Sept (Noon)
Mole Cricket 280 Underground (Rare) Nov-May (Morn-Night)
Walkingstick 600 On Trees (Rare) July-Nov (Morn-Noon)
Ladybug 200 On Flowers Mar-June, Oct (Noon)
Mar-May (Noon)
Fruit Beetle 100 On Trees July-Sept (Morn-Night)
July-Aug (Night)
Scarab Beetle 6,000 On Trees (Rare) July-Aug (Night)
Dung Beetle 800 Near Snowballs (Rare) Dec-Feb (Eve-Night)
Goliath Beetle 6,000 On Coconut Palms (Rare) June-Aug (Night)
Firefly 300 Near Fresh Water June (Night)
Jewel Beetle 2,400 On Trees (Rare) July-Aug (Noon)
Longhorn Beetle 260 On Trees (Rare) June-Aug (Noon)
Saw Stag Beetle 2,000 On Trees (Rare) July-Aug (Morn-Night)
July-Aug (Night)
Stag Beetle 2,000 On Trees (Rare) June-Aug (Night)
July-Aug (Night)
Giant Beetle 10,000 On Trees (Rare) July-Aug (Night)
Rainbow Stag Beetle 10,000 On Trees (Rare) June-Sept (Night)
Dynastid Beetle 1,350 On Trees July-Aug (Night)
Atlas Beetle 8,000 On Coconut Palms (Rare) July-Aug (Night)
Elephant Beetle 8,000 On Coconut Palms (Rare) July-Aug (Night)
Hercules Beetle 12,000 On Cocanut Palms (Rare) July-Aug (Night)
Flea 70 Neighbor (Rare) Mar-Nov (Morn-Night)
Pillbug 250 Under Rocks All Year (Morn-Night)
Mosquito 130 In the Air June-Sept (Eve-Night)
June-Aug (Eve-Night)
Fly 60 Rafflesia, Rotten Turnips, or Garbage All Year (Morn-Night)
Cockroach 5 On Trees (Rare) All Year (Morn-Night)
Spider 300 In Trees March-Nov (Morn-Night)
Tarantula 8,000 On Ground (Rare) June-Aug (Night)
Scorpion 8,000 On Ground (Rare) July-Sept (Night)

(i got these lists from

Tanning Season


From July to September is tanning season!!!!!I have a tan that is way to dark for my light brown hair -_-.To get a tan you need to go by the beach (i would close my ds) and heres how to get the tans

Light tan:wait about 15 minutes

Normal tan:wait about 30 minutes

Dark tan:wait about an hour

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